Star Electric Vehicles

Exceptional Value and No Compromises


Advanced DC motors, Curtis Controllers, and Trojan batteries

Loaded with accessories as standard including 10 inch aluminum wheels, mirrors, front/rear lights, tinted foldable windshield, scuff guards, battery indicator, turning signals, high back seats, horn, backup beeper, aluminum side rails

4HP or 5.5HP motors standard with 300/400 Amp Curtis programmable controller

8-6V battery system

Loaded with standard safety features including seatbelts, head lights, tail lights, brake lights, horn, parking brake, roof grab handles, backup beepers, solid functional front and rear bumpers

4 gauge wiring for all battery connections

Battery box

Two speed high-low switch

Color matched, extended roof for rear passengers

20A Voltage reducer in all vehicles

Foldable backseat with safety grab handle, and diamond checker aluminum plate


Best in class, highest quality driveline in the industry

Get all the features you want priced less than other guy’s base price

Larger motors and controllers provide increased speed and torque along with a self diagnostic troubleshooting system

30% additional range

Minimizes chances of an extensive damage to car and injury to passengers

Less resistance, improve range and power

No worrying about corrosion if battery leaks, protects the frame and critical wiring and electrical components

Low speed is perfect for golf course or if more torque is needed to climb steep hills

More comfortable for rear passengers

Much easier for additional accessory connections, consume batteries evenly, much less damage on batteries

Much safer for rear passengers, prevents damage of rear seat

Notable Star EV Clients