For any business, the decision of how to procure equipment such as electric vehicles and golf carts is a tough one. Our company strives to make your procurement process for your golf cars and electric vehicles as easy and seamless as possible. We offer finance (capital) leases and operating leases in-house and through various third parties.

Our long-term leasing and financing options for our golf carts and electric vehicles start at 24 months, and can go as high as 48 months. We understand that sometimes companies decide it is better to keep their vehicle purchases off the balance sheet or to reduce upfront cash outflows by structuring a true operating lease. Some of the key benefits of our financing options include:

Several choices to fit your company’s particular financial situation and budget
Alternatives available to reduce lease payments such as longer terms, optional down payments and upfront purchases of add-on accessories.sheffield

Quick turnaround time using a one page credit application
Our commitment to customize a lease or financing package to meet your needs
We have monthly lease rates as low as $109 per month on new golf cars and electric vehicles. For more information on your leasing and financing options for golf carts and electric vehicles, please call us at 407-657-1108.